Complete Mongrol Guide


What Mongrol is was already covered in the announcement page, however, i'd like to add more information. So, Mongrol is a website on which users can edit, upload content to (and delete content), delete (that is, the text and files), and such, on pages created by the Mongrol owner. You may edit the pages (for all users to edit), and ONLY you can edit your user profile page.

Main Instructions

Log on with the username "Mongrol user", and the password "MongrolServic". To delete a user page, create a post saying you would like to delete the page. To request a page, click the "New" button at the top of the page. Click "Post". On this post, say you wish there to be a new mongrol page. State the name, the prefered topic, and other such things. USER PAGES: you can edit a user page pretty much as customized as you want. You can have custom code, links, formatted text, and such. ABOUT MONGROL PAGES: a Mongrol page shall have a name (its number, topic or miscellanious) and a prefered topic (it shall be specified in the "Introduction" part of the page [Mongrol Page 1 has no introduction or prefered topic, as it's just the default page for miscellanious things]).


There are no rules for Mongrol exclusively for Mongrol, however, Mongrol users may not break legal laws, nor laws of physics. If you do, your content shall be removed. Content that falls under fair use shall not be removed.

Mongrol guide version 1 (October 20, 2019). Document not copyrighted. Written by (obviously)Mablethorpe Studios.